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Kryber Fanfics Directory


A Complicated School Story 

By: lianneshin14
Description: Amber is a boy? Amber is a girl? WHAT? [KryBer/YulBer/WooYul/WooBer]

A is for Amber
By: H-Rex
Description: Alphabet Drabble Kryber fic

Affxtionate Attempts 
Description: What happens when Victoria, Luna, and Sulli gets jealous of KryBer???

All I Can Ever Give 
Description: KryBer in superDRAMAtearjerker/ROMANCE/SUPERNATURAL!

Another Girl, Another Planet (07.01.10) 
By: gracelement
Description: Kryber’s everyday happenings and thoughts.

Arranged marriage 
By: Alexander.
Description: Two girls with two different personalities how can they manage to live together without strangling each other. Will they change for good or for bad? Let’s find out.

Because I love You
By: cyrus_oppa
Description: KRYBER - one sided love

Being A Girl vs Being A Boy 
By: lovetoosweet
Description: KryBer ♥

Being with Amber…*sigh* 
By: silverlytefl92ra
Description: Krystal n Amber

Believe Me 2 
By: pro_drifter92
Description: Kryber

By: AJLfans
Description: The lies in your betrayals. Kryber, Sultoria

Breaking Jars 
By: MediumButterHead
Description: “Love doesn’t need a reason.” Kryber / Taengsic

By: papoya
Description: What would you do if you have Amber Liu as your butler? Hopefully, it’ll be as interesting as what Krystal Jung could ever think of. ^^

Cabin Fever
By: allstar
Description: Kryber and another pairing

Description: are YOU ready to get HURT? KYRBER COUPLING

Connected — 
By: yankon

Courage and Confession
By: 79homesick
Description: It’s Kryber emo17.gif takes place in Japan 2012, after they debuted

Crack Fiesta 
By: MediumButterHead
Description: All crack, all the time; 1. Stupid Fish - KryBer


By: dink

Dating the What
By: exnik06
Description: What will happen if the two of them are both stubborn and hard headed? >:)

Day off 
By: sammyxlisle
Description: first try..this is a kryber fanfic :3

By: kryber_f(x)ism
Description: Kryber~ action romance

Elite Protection
By: psk102
Description: Kryber *main*; Amber and her friends are protectors/guardians sent on their first assignment to watch over a group of students attending college. What happens when feelings start to develop along the way? Will this put them in jeopardy?

Ember University
By: stephan
Description: Amber is a transferee student in the world’s most awesome school

By: amberfxunpa
Kryber Yulsic.. a lil Sulber & Surprises! ^_^

Find My Own Way [Completed]
By: Min Ji
Description: Amber and Sulli are siblings. Minho and Krystal are going out. Will Amber’s feelings go unknown forever? Expect the unexpected…sorta.

 Forgotten Memory 

By: TheRushM
Description: Kryber♥

By: Kotuo
Description: Amber has been in love with Krystal for a long time, will Krystal realize she actually likes Amber back or will she be held back by past promises?

H e a r t b r e a k e r 
Description: A KryBer fic.

Handsome Tomboy and the Little Ice Princess
By: nivickhun
Description: Comedy love story about KryBer and SM town

Heartbeats - I feel like I’m intoxicated
By: Rayu
Description: Kryber Lovestory

Heart Keeper
By: amberselle 
Description: KEYBER credits to -xdorkyx!

Her Majesty’s Archer 
By: MediumButterHead
Description: “Of course. I’ll protect her with all my life.” KryBer

Her Royal Shot [Kryber][Yulsic] 
By: Harukax6
Description: What happens when a Prince plays with guns & love?

Here WIth Me 4ever
By: Hikiira
Description: Hyunber and Kryber. Continued from Here With Me Tonight. Amber has just entered into a beautiful, though fast-paced relationship with Hyuna of 4minute…but things don’t go too smoothly after that.

By: blueskyangel07
Description: kryber~

How I Met Your Appa/Umma
By: amad17
Description: Kryber as Parents? XD

Hunger Games 
By: MegGEE
Description: Getting chosen to die. Love. Heartbreaks. Kryber, Yulsic, Taeny…etc.

I Found You, My Other Half
By: hieuloveskryber
Description: Kryber

I Love You, Even Though I Hate You 
By: Not Lanie★
Description: Kryber/Hyunber

I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend 
By: zafo

Description: Kryber/Minstal

By: Kira (immortal_K)
Description: Kryber ~ ‘Infinity’ the creation of endless possibilities. One immortal, one human… it was fate that brought them together, yet it was destiny that kept them apart.

By: basket24
Description: Action Drama. Hyunber & Kryber.

Is it too late? 
By: kaayou
Description: I see only blackness, is it too late for me? POSSIBLY KRYBER ~~

It’s hard to say ‘I Love You’ (Krystal & Amber) 
By: yoohee93

Knight Assassin 
By: MiyaviluvsSica
Description: $1 million bounty? Let’s talk. KryBer Fic… Mature Content

Kryber vs. Keyber
By: kurarizu
Description: Amber, torn between two lovers.

Les Chic
By: Dangerous Basket and ☆stephan
Description: Kryber in the fashion industry.

Living in Fears 
By: choco-late
Description: NC-17: Friendship.Love.Action.Drugs.Gangster

By: H-Rex
Description: Kryber

Love Blossom on the Start of a Hot Summer ♥
By: nivickhun
Description: High school, the time when you mature, get into trouble a lot and love. No one can knows what happen to them in their high school life. And that goes for Amber the best friends of Victoria and Krystal the best friends of Sulli.And in high school, 4 of them will be meet by destiny.

Love me.. 
By: sammyxlisle
Description:Lovestories..kryber, amcole, jongLi, taeLi, MinNa, Minstal.. :]

Love Pentagon
By: AlmightyHyung and Prince Charming Rex
Description: drama kryber and yulsic

Love U or Not?! 
By: fishcakefly

By: exnik06
Description: Married life of Krystal

Mission: Making KRYBER real ! 
By: zenze
Description: come and find out how the mission gonna be

[PG-13] Moonlight Sonata 
By: Miku
Description: -Kryber-

More than meets the eyes 
By: basket24
Description: Kryber :) for all you kryber lovers out there :)

Morning Lovin’
By: Vee
Description: Exactly what the title says. Kryber all the way

By: Rane
Description: Kryber. In love with a Rock Star.

My Charming Tutor
By: psk102
Description: What happens when the prankster gets a tutor? Kryber

My Fairytale Ending 
By: Kryb€r
Description: [Kryber] Her prince charming was nothing like she imagined

My Gangstah?
By: papoya
Description: Kryber + School + Soshi squad + a lot of random things = ??FUN??

My Guardian Angel
By: PandaChu~
Description: Kryber. They thought they would be together forever, but could one wrong move ruin everything?

My heart’s not mine anymore
By: papoya
Description: The cost to love someone; romance, love, kryber? ^^

My Ice Princess 
By: dorkyy_dalki
Description: JungLi VS. Kryber

My Killer Girlfriend 
By: Jacket
Description: She really is a killer! ~ KryBer

My One True Love 
By: PioneerLtTwinkie
Description: KryBer

My Personal Assistant
By: psk102
Description: When finally getting her life back on track, things take a turn for the worse again. Or could it be for the better? Kryber.

My Secret 
By: JiangAznChina
Description: Amber’s heading off to Korea and it’s the first time she’s stepped outside her country as herself and not as Henry. She’s off to start a new chapte
r in her life in Korea. KryBer

My Sunshine

by: Amtoria_Sarah

by: Alexander.

Not a Creeper 
By: MediumButterHead
Description: Even if she does follow her around with a camera. Kryber/Krype

Organization XI Mission 2: Survival of the Fittest/Characters 
By: JiangAznChina
Description: KryBer, YulSic, TaeNy

Our Love Will Shine
By: PandaChu~
Description: KryBer feat. JeTi and others~ "I’ll always be there to protect you"

Patiently Impatient: The Collection
By: Anjel
Description: Multi Pairings | Rating: G - PG16 | Fail | Shot Collections For f(x) Pairings - Bound To Be KryBer Biased

Plus Minus Zero: Us 
By: Jacket 
Description: KryBer

Prisoner of Love 
By: ♕ Siopao
Descrpition: Kryber

Pursuit of Happiness: Eodi itjyo? 
By: fishcakefly
Description: kryber, sulber

By: Akika
Description: A boy trapped in a girl’s body.. literally; Kryber&Vickhun

Regally Real
By: papoya
Description: krystal + who?? (school fun with a twist and a secret that was supposed to be hidden)

By: meilovesAmber
Description: a kryber♥ fanfiction

Royalty Love 
By: yeuambo & Alaxender.
Description: Kryber- Princess Hour parody [not exactly the same]

Running Away From the Truth (KryBer) 
By: untouchable

Say Humph~~ 
By: ☆superRINGO★
Description: SulToria and KryBer, friendship story~

School Flowers 
By: allstar
Description: Kryber and Amtoria

She’s my brother?!?
By: psk102
Description: Jessica and Krystal have been sisters since they were born. They don’t have any other siblings but each other. What happens when their parents suddenly tells them that they have a brother? And their brother is a girl? Kryber ♥

She’s SO Handsome~ 
By: userwithnoname08

She loves a SHE 
By: jiara_kpop
Description: somehow…PG-13

She’s a WHAT?!
By: Jaekhun
Description: (Kryber) Unexpected happenings that bring them together or tear them apart.

Sighs, trembles and blushes 
By: Samantha 
Description: Kryber.Amtoria.

So Into U
By: imindanger
Description: Another Kryber high school fanfic

By: kurarizu
Description: Kryber fanfic. Will Krystal be able to make her dreams come true?

StarStruck Kryber Version
By: H-Rex
Description: What happens when famous Aiden (Amber) Liu, meets a normal girl Krystal Jung?

Step By Me 
By: j-jin
Description: AmbStal/KryBer high school fic

Summer Snow
By: Kaayou
Description: Krys doesn’t have what she needs. KRYBER

By: H-Rex
Description: When forced to form alliances and work together. Can two people focus on winning a game and a giant money prize instead of falling in love? Kryber.

Take Care of His Girlfriend 
By: yeuambo

Description: Kryber & Minstal

Taming the F4 
By: xrewrites102
Description: a KryBer, YulSic, TaeNy fic.

By: yanashin
Description: What does it take for Krystal to remove the barrier of phobia she fears towards Amber? Can it be friendship or could it be the start of… something better? Perhaps, love.

By: kiki-kav
Description: main casts : Kryber ♥ Sulvic

The Adventures of Amber and Krystal 
By: Orange Owl
Description: A Slight Kryber Comedy for the Lighthearted.

The Bodyguard’s Krystal
By: hot-d
Description: kryber fanfic
Amber’s working as an undercover bodyguard of one of Korea’s richest businessman’s daughter, Krystal. Everything’s bad at first, but as they know each other more, they started to develop some feelings for each other. Will life allow them to be together?

The Day We Met 
By: MaRiAh622
Description: Kryber

The night walkers! Kryber!
By: hieuloveskryber
Description: Kryber. Krystal meet Amber again, but can she accept her as a killer with werewolf and vampire characteristics?

The Unnies
By: strikefreedom
Description: Before Kryber make it official. Amber has to meet the unnies.

The Yeopbo Princess VS The Thai Prince
By: BJK101
Description:KhunSulVic and KryBer…Who will Victoria choose in the end? Will our Princess win Victoria’s heart?

There She Is…. 
By: jUNLovesAmber
Description: hahaz Kryber from my point of view! (will love to have your say in the KryBer story!)

By: mimi^

two is better than one 
By: irynlovesamber
Description: being another person is a very difficult thing to do.

Unnie, she’s mine!
By: Jaekhun
Description: Kryber/Jessber. The Jung sisters fight for amber’s love.

Unspoken Secret 
By: Mangoo
Description: Kryber, VicNa

Unsure Love 
By: junpyo21
Description: KryBer vs LunBer 

Until the End…
By: PandaChu~
Description: A Kryber Assassin fic. "I’ll never stop loving you, even if that means I must die.

We Got Married KryBer Version 

By: JiangAznChina

Wedding Dress: Again 
By: Ghi

When BLACK meets WHITE 
By: Ejhay
Description: a Kryber fanfic ♥

When God Gave Me You 
By: ♔ S__T
Description: JongNa (main), HaeSica & KryBer

When I Look At You 
By: angie01

When We Met 
By: Cookies+Milk
Description: A KryBer Fanfic - With other characters - !

Wings of Love 
By: Badoodles0126
Description: A Kryber/Amstal Story (Angst?)

Without A Doubt 2: One More Chance 
By: zhangyunjingfan
Description: Kryber, Sulna

You and I, Now Picture, That’d Be So Fly 
By: 웃кε.
Description: Amber’s love story with comedy on the side.

You Can 
By: Alexander

You’re My ♥ 
By: ♔ S__T
Description: KryBer ♥♥♥

You’re My Angel
By: Danielle~Shapira
Description: Will Amber realize and come to terms with her feelings for her princess, or will this denial last forever?

You’re My Twinkle
By: amad17
Description: Amber is a single parent and had a daughter, named Ellie. Amber was Krystal’s high school crush. Will they get together? Drama. A little bit of Amcole. 

[Previous recommendations]

finished fanfics 


First, Friends or Lovers Link

This fic is a MUST-READ!!! I really love the drama in this fic and it contains the rated scene LMAO KJNKUYGHYGFYTFKBLHGTYFTHGVKJH .


Next, Tired of Waiting Link At first, it’s kinda hard to understand cos there are a lota flashbacks but once it ends, you’ll really love it. BTW, it’s really long so manage your time well. If you don’t, you’ll end up lack of sleep cos you can’t stop reading it lol This fic featuring Kryber, Yulsic and Taeny ^^ .


Without A Doubt Link

Pairing: Kryber and Sulber

You’ll LOVEEEE this fic if you like drama things This fic is one of the MUST-READ Kryber fictions .


Without A Doubt 2: One More Chance Link Kryber, Sulna and Luntoria DRAMA DRAMA DRAMAAAAA … .




One-shots .

This is so wrong Link NC-17

It’s a MUST-READ!!! lol Imagine Kryber being sisters and they f*cked, yeahhhh .


So Wrong It Feels So Right Link

Continuation of This is so wrong .


That Should Be Me Link

This is a MUST-READ, again lol Kryber and Thunder+Krystal If you like some dramas, this fic is loved!! .


My hired boyfriend Link Krystal hired Amber to be her boyfriend. Soojung’s character is freaking elegant lol .


7 everlasting kisses … Link The best sad fiction ever!! Every single words expressing Krystal thoughts is really beautiful .


Pretending Link It’s about Kryber predending in front of the fans for service them but they actually fall for each other for real .


Only the beginning Link PG-17 Kryber are friends and they had sex . .


nightly rituals

NC-17, nothing to say much but…you shoupld read this one lol


Let’s talk about sex!

Don’t get fooled by the title XD 

OMG (Oh My Gosh) [Smuts]

Well, it’s really OMG!!

Did I recommend too many of rated fics? You should learn reading rated fics if you’re a Kryber shipper cos we are pervs LMAO These are fics that I read. If I missed some good fics you guys can recommend me anytime. I’d appreciate that ^^ Actually there are a lota good on-going fanfics. If you want them, ask again ^^

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